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Research supports the utilization of bottom ash

Promoting circular economy

Annika Sormunen finalized her dissertation at Tampere University of Technology in November 2017. Her dissertation discusses the utilization of recovered municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash as aggregate-like products in civil engineering structures as part of functional circular economy. 

Sormunen's dissertation has also been used as the basis for writing a guide for the utilization of recovered MSWI bottom ash in civil engineering. The guide, available only in Finnish, has been compiled in co-operation with experts from Tampere University of Technology, Finnish Transport Agency, Skanska Infra Oy, and Lakeuden Etappi Oy.

The guide is aimed at MSWI bottom ash producers, developers, architects, contractors, and licensing authorities. It sums up the latest research results and provides instructions how recovered MSWI bottom ash can be used in civil engineering. 

The results of this dissertation have also provided important background information for the decision makers in order to nationally facilitate the use of MSWI bottom ash in civil engineering in the future. Read more!


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